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Dumpster Rental Helpful Tips

 Overhanging Wires

A very common safety concern with dumpster rental services is overhanging wires which will hinder delivery and removal efforts of your dumpster. When selecting a drop-off location for your dumpster it is always prudent to ensure up to 22’ feet above the dumpster placement location is free of any overhanging electrical street wires; it is possible that such a height clearance will be required to safely service your dumpster. Ensuring that a clear and safe area is set aside for your dumpster will also prevent unforeseeable trip charges and other charges incurred due to the driver having to make additional trips to deliver your dumpster.

Access to the Dumpster

Please note that the roll off dumpster trailer will need reasonable space to maneuver in order to safely access and remove or dump your dumpster. Thus, we recommend that you select an area that a dumpster trailer can reasonably access. Common challenges when attempting to access a dumpster include tight alleys, having to back up for a large distance and not having sufficient space to make a three-point-turn. If you are unsure about the area you have selected, we can conduct a site survey to ensure there are no safety concerns in servicing your dumpster. Site surveys are conducted at no cost to you.

 Over Weight Roll Off Dumpsters

Federal, state and local laws do call for some very specific restrictions on the maximum amount of weight a dump truck can haul or that may be placed in a roll-off dumpster. Such restrictions are intended for the safety of the operator as well as others on the road. An overweight dumpster trailer will severely hinder the truck’s ability to stop or slow down in a reasonable space. Some common practices can alleviate both safety concerns and additional expenses and burdens. When renting a roll-off dumpster please adhere to the following common practices:

  • Limit your 14-yard dumpster size to a 2-ton maximum if disposing of heavy materials.
  • Do not fill the dumpster beyond the waterline, which is typically about 6 inches below the rim of the dumpster.

Please note that our drivers do reserve the right to refuse to haul any roll-off dumpster they feel to be dangerously overweight.

Roll Off Dumpster Service

Utilizing our 14 yard roll off dumpsters to tackle those hard to finish tasks and jobs. With fast, reliable, and friendly service Dumpster Butlers makes the ordering process easy over the phone. Common projects for a roll off dumpster range from cleaning our junk from you home all the way up to full demolition jobs. To understand if our dumpster will work well with your job simply give us a call. The simple three step process gets a roll off dumpster rental delivered to your home, job site, or property in no time. When getting ready for a large project renting a dumpster will be your best bet.

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What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

All of our containers are open-top dumpsters that are delivered to the site of your choosing. Every dumpster is equipped with a large gate in the rear of the container for easy waste disposal. After you have filled the container Dumpster Butlers will haul it to the dump for you.

Rental Period

Dumpster Butlers roll-off dumpster rentals are best used for medium to large jobs which your local trash company is unable to haul everything away for you. Rental periods vary based on a few scenarios. Whether it be cleaning out your home, garage, or landscaping a large trash container will work well. All bid DIY home projects create extra trash and junk that can’t fit into your trash can, but no project is too big or small for our roll away dumpsters.  The most common residential dumpster rental period is 7 days with the rental period starting the day of, or after the delivery, depending on delivery time. To get specific rental periods for your job-site, give us a call.

Dumpster Pricing

Founded on the idea that hauling your junk away should be easy we created the simple process of hauling away your trash at a low affordable rate. Where some companies tack on extra charges for delivery, pickup, or dump fees, Dumpster Butlers charges you one flat rate based on a standard 2 ton load. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. We told you it was simple.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

Roll-off dumpsters for residential rentals are designed to hold all of the debris and waste material created from the result of the renovation, remodeling, cleaning, and moving. You can peacefully start your household projects without worrying about the waste material. Compile all of your junk in one, easy to use, the residential dumpster. The versatility of residential dumpsters gives homeowners the ability to place the container in hard to reach areas.

This gives you the ability to accomplish those difficult tasks. Start your project sooner, getting you to the finish line quicker. When you get the chance to remove the junk that has been accumulating and your trash can at home won’t suffice, give us a ring. We deliver directly to your door and pickup within 24 to 48 hours of the request. A residential dumpster is ideal for all do it yourself projects.

Residential Dumpster Rental Uses

Location and Availability

With roll-off trucks & trailers running 6 days a week, we are able to deliver a residential dumpster rental Monday through Saturday. Availability ranges from same-day delivery up to 30+ days in advance. We offer rush service to most locations and will be sure to deliver on time.

Dumpster Size

Dumpster Butlers offer 14 cubic yard dumpsters. With a lower sidewall, these residential dumpsters allow for easy disposal over the top.

Type of Waste Material

Residential dumpsters are good for roofing waste material, tiles, shingles, and floor material, yard debris, moving out stuff, home material and all general household junk or waste. Roofing materials are heavier and may require further considerations.

How to use a Roll Off Dumpster For Your Residence

Renovating a room in your home or taking on a full remodel can be a large project to take on. While you focus on making your home new and improved, we will haul away the old. We make the process simple by delivering the container directly to you, you fill it up, and we haul it directly to the dump. Creating a seamless process so the trash is the least of your worries.